Tuesday, 18 September 2012

60th Birthday Celebraions - Winzker Family

"Suzu" as her family calls her, has just turned 60 and what an energetic 60 she is.... Her family decided to give her a photo shoot as a present as she LOVES photos and can never get all the family to sit down for a photo together.  The family were all away at Pringle Bay for the weekend for the 60th Celebrations, so we joined them on the Saturday afternoon in Pringle Bay to do the shoot on the beach.  What a perfect day it was, I think it was the perfect start to "summer", it was such a stunning day.

Monday, 17 September 2012

Robinson Family

The Robinson Family - Jenny-Lee I have now known for a while, she has not know me as long, but my sister used to work in her very first coffee shop in the mall about 18 odd years ago.  But I have known her a bit better more recently through doing some shoots for the JOY magazine.  What a stunning, fun loving family they are.

Baby Joshua - 7 weeks old

So Antoinette and Matthys we met about 4 or so years ago, since then they have moved out to a farm in Ladismith area, and we as a group of friends were all very excited when we heard that they were expecting a little baby.  So happy for you guys, you both look wonderful and looks like parenthood is treating you both very well.  They came out to visit Matthys Family not so long ago and so they asked me to please do a shoot for them, what a perfect stunning day we had for the shoot.  Congrats again to you both, he is gorgeous.....