Monday, 25 July 2011

Savannah Atherstone our baby girl.........

Cant believe our little baby is almost 5 months already.........

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Allan and Shanley Wedding

Dev and I met Allen approx 4 - 5 years ago when he moved to Cape Town - Somerset West from Pretoria.  We got to know him a bit more over the past few years.  Shanley we knew from church and when we heard that the two of them were together, we were so excited as we thought, what a perfect match.  The rest is history.  I had the honour of taking their wedding photos 2 weeks ago, what a stunning wedding it was.
What a beautiful Bride Shanley made and together they made a stunning couple.  We had so much fun taking the photos.  Thanks to my hubby for helping and also to Tiffany and her hubby for coming along on the shoot to take photos and to help out to.  I had a hard time choosing which photos to blog, so there are a bit more than normal.