Monday, 27 June 2011

Andrew and Kristen Preggie shoot

I have know Kristen for a little over a year now and when I heard that she was preggie I was sooo excited for her..  It was such a privelage to be able to do a couples preggy shoot for them.  Although Kristen, being 9 months pregnant (only about 2 weeks or so to go till due date), she and Andrew were adventurous and willing to "get down & dirty",  avoiding dog poop (well at least Kristen anyhow), mud  and they were even willing to stand in freezing cold water.  Both looked amazing and were so easy and fun to work with......
Cant wait to meet your little guy!!!!

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Ian and Tarryn's Wedding

I had the privelage of meeting Tarryn about 2 years ago.  We then realised that we stayed in the same complex.  After a while Tarryn moved on, but we stayed in contact.Tarryn then got engaged towards the end of last year and she asked me to do their photographs for them.  What fun we had during the photo session.  Ian was like a naughty boy, teasing his new wife.  They had so much fun...

Monday, 20 June 2011


Neil was a delight to photograph.

Kyle is One years old, he was a bit shy of the camera at first, but enjoyed it towards the end.

Jaymi is 3 years old and just had so much fun playing in the studio

Kayla is a little over 1 years old and was a cutie pie.

Amy is a little over 1 and half years old and was a delight to photograph